Calgary Thrive Directory

About Calgary Thrive Directory

Thrive Directories was conceived by marketers and developers that are experts in the areas of:

      • – Online Presence marketing
      • – Search Engine Optimization
      • – Search Engine Marketing
      • – Social Media Marketing
      • – Reputation Marketing
      • – Reputation Management
      • – Website Design & Development
      • – Certified in ADA/WCAG Compliancy
      • – Certified Small & Medium sized businesses Sales & Marketing consultants

We are also Small Businesses Owners who experience the same challenges as the Small Businesses we include in each of our directories. Probably just like you, we are in multiple directories, yet they do not drive traffic unless you update your listing frequently adding new content and graphics and that includes the big directories such as Yelp, Urban Spoon, GMB (Google My Business) and the like. As small business owners that can’t afford or do not want to pay for a marketer to manage for us, being on those directories is of no use. Thrive Directories understands those challenges and we as marketers wanted to change that for local small businesses and business owners. We have created a system that pulls you information, including reviews so most of the work is done by us or as soon as you sign up for one of the three options we offer.

So, we know you are most likely listening to the same radio station we all do WIIFM, What’s In It For Me? Well let us break it down:

      • Our Algorithm imports all the basic info to list your business, including a graphic if you have one, NO manual typing
      • We offer 3 listing types, all dependent upon what you want to be shown and the top tier listing breaks down to only $16.00 per month
      • All listings are automatically indexed in all the search engines, NOT just the Thrive website
      • All listings are SEO’d to provide better rankings in the SERPs
      • All graphics will be optimized and Alt Tagged for you (we may need additional information from you to ensure it is optimized correctly)
      • There are NO pre-determined Categories, if you do not find the Category you feel you would fit your business better… No Problem, just let us know and we will add it and optimize it for your niche
      • Need changes, just let us know and we will make the change for you
      • Need additional services to boost ranking, get a better reputation, get on social media, need a better website, just contact us, remember we are also Online Presence Digital Marketing Experts and we are here to make you Thrive
      • Have an event coming up? We even have an event section and that area will also be optimized and syndicated to get the word out

These are unprecedented times we are going through, and all Small Businesses are struggling, and Thrive Directories is here to help as we all venture into what us as marketers see as a new norm. Many SMBs (Small and Medium Size Businesses)  had, for the most part, no idea what Online Presence was and how important it is (and has always been for that matter) and now since the pandemic everyone has been forced to face the new reality that an online presence is now a must and to be seen, get seen and attract the type of clients, customers, patients as a Small Business you need to be online and have a strong online presence.

As mentioned above, we are marketers and have over 75 years of accumulated expertise, with backgrounds in executive levels of Fortune 100 companies, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and many other online companies, but in the end we are just like you a Small Business owners. We are not some large company where you can never reach a live person, we DO answer & return phone calls, emails, and text messages. Together we all can make a difference and we ALL can Thrive in this new norm and succeed.


Calgary Thrive is a Business Directory Specifically Dedicated to Small Businesses in Calgary

For more information on Calgary Thrive listings, to advertising on this site, or our additional services we can offer Small Local Businesses in the Calgary area, please contact us today!