Local Reputation Solutions

Local Reputation Solutions Services

Thrive Directories created Local Reputation Solutions specifically to house all of our customized unique proprietary Reputation Marketing Solution Services. We have spent over 5 years of research and development time, over 1 million dollars in software creation and over 2 years of testing with ‘live’ clients in multiple industries/niches of various size clients and many with multiple location, in order to provide the ‘Best’ in the Local Marketing Solutions industry for our clients.

We offer multiple types of solutions, all created and designed to work in conjunction with each other, in order for our clients to mix and match individual, multiple or all of our services to meet the budgetary constraints of any client or industry. The BEST part is… We Have Only Just Begun and we are adding new types of solutions approximately every 2-3 months on average.

Local Reputation Solutions by Thrive Directories are meant for One thing and One thing only, Provide our Clients the ability and opportunity to build a 5 Star Reputation and Market that reputation in a multitude of ways and generate the best most profitable Return on Investment possible.

Reputation Marketing Solutions

Reputation Marketing System, Dashboard Monitor & Full Feature CRM

Monitor Social Media Reviews

  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Page
  • Google +
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Foursquare
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Additionally you have the ability to add any other review site that is unique to your niche or industry.


  • View All Reviews
  • Respond to Reviews, both positive and negative automatically or individually
  • Ability to view reviews prior to Posting to review sites
  • Add Custom Directories
  • Mobile APP can be designed to direct reviews to the review sites of your choosing
  • Create Custom Alerts
  • All Reviewers are added to the CRM
  • Import existing Client List


  • Create custom feedback page for both Positive and Negative Reviews
  • View all feedback pages
  • Set Review rating to designate a positive and/or negative review
  • Create a Mobile or Website Custom Feedback app
  • Build and Create a Custom Media Center to Market to reviewers
  • Create Custom Alerts


  • Ability to create and insert Website Marketing Campaigns
  • Ability to create Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Ability to create custom polls/questionnaire

Built-In CRM

  • Get More Reviews
  • See Latest Online Reviews
  • Resolve Bad Reviews
  • See Latest Feedback Reviews
  • Send Promotions
  • Custom Sign-In Form App with auto-review
  • Market to Groups
  • Market to Individuals
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

Reputation Video Reviews

Take any online review or feedback and turn that into a video review. Thrive Directories will pull any of your reviews from your selected directories or your feedback pages, and create a video review from them, do all of the editing, upload to your YouTube Channel, optimize and rank.
Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO-7cQJMKro ( Client)



Combine 2 Strategies

Custom Reputation Videos

Expose’ Videos

Thrive Directories will create an Entertainment Tonight type video series, either in an ‘On-Screen’ video interview or an ‘Audio’ voice over with graphical slides of you (or a spokesperson from your company) or your company so you can discuss, explain or promote your authority within you niche or industry.
Interview Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJWgyjLYu0M ( Client)
Voice Over Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD16XRTu46I (Client)



5 Reasons for Expose' Videos

Welcome to Our Expose' Interview


Social Covers

Thrive Directories has created the ability for you to use your typically static Social Media Banner Covers into a promotional / informational billboard. Our proprietary software allows you to create a single look for your Social Media Covers, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, automatically format each one to the correct size required and upload them automatically from the Social Cover Dashboard.

Additionally, Thrive Directories has added a calendar, so that multiple different covers can be created, inserted into the calendar and our software will automatically switch out ALL Social Covers at the specified time and then automatically revert them to the normal branding cover at the specified time. There are no limitations to change outs, time duration or number of cover designs.


We looked at Overall Trends

YouTube & Google My Business Trends


We looked at Facebook Trends

We looked at LinkedIn & Twitter Trends


Banner Ad Creation

Thrive Directories has developed proprietary software to create every size of banner ads used on websites and social media sites to promote whatever you would like to advertise for, whether it be yourself, your company, a product or a service. We also automatically pixelate every banner so that you have the ability to retarget your target market, whether it be visitors to your website, PPC, Placement Ads or email marketing. We also provide a custom widget for you to insert into your website to capture the information needed to market to the visitors to your website.
Example: http://bannerads.localreputation.solutions/d22558 (must use an incognito browser to view sample ads, also click on ‘Live’ Preview to see how these ads would appear on a live site (using Thrive Directories Traffic Fuel or PPC) and click the ‘down’ icon upper right to see it on different sites.

Thrive Directories Traffic Fuel®

Thrive Directories has teamed up with the 4 largest ad placement companies to offer our clients the best possible pricing available anywhere for Placement Ads and yes we are pleased to say, our costs are less than what even Google pays. For more information on how this works, please contact us so we can provide a specific industry/niche case study of an actual client.

Two Types of Display Ad Markets

We Provide a Retargeting Strategy

Auto Repair Company Case Study Retargeting Campaign

Auto Repair Company Case Study Cold Traffic

Retargeting Strategy "Traffic Story"

We Created the 10x Retargeting Strategy

Traffic That Comes To Your Website and why websites don’t convert

Here are the reasons that the traffic which comes to your website and why your website doesn’t convert. Visitors are coming to your site every single day and they’re looking for something. There’s 4 different things that we don’t know about them. The first visitor coming to your site could be looking for the most authoritative company to do business with. They’re looking for someone with the great reputation. Look, I’ve got this need. I need this product. I need this service but I’m looking for a reputable company to do business with. If they came to your site, and they didn’t find that you are reputable, they didn’t see your 5 Star reputation, they didn’t see your reviews, you didn’t look like an authority or reputable company.

Now the second visitor that comes, they’re looking for a very specific brand or product or service, and they didn’t find that. Let’s say they came looking for teeth whitening but they found that you just do general dentistry. They were specifically looking for that service but didn’t see that you could provide that for them. And they leave your site.

Now the third visitor that comes, is looking for a really great offer. Well they found that you had a good reputation and also found that you did teeth whitening, but they didn’t see a really good offer and that’s what they were looking for.

So statistically, only about 4% of the visitors that visit your website will actually pick up the phone or contact you somehow. So you are losing 96% of all the visitors that come to your website… because of those 3 reasons.

But there’s more. Those are 3 reasons but there also may be a combination of reasons. Some of them might be looking for an offer and a reputable company. Some of them might be looking for a reputable company but a specific product. And some might be looking for all 3. So unless you have all 3 messages on your site and they get to see all 3 to satisfy them, you’re going to be consistently losing 96% of all the visitors that come to your site.

Now the 4th thing that we don’t know is when they’re going to buy. Because they can find all 3 but they’re just not in the market, right now. Maybe they plan to get some teeth whitening when they get their bonus check from their employer 2 months from now. But here’s what we do know. Most people that are doing research buy within a 90 day period.

So what we found is that we can recapture that 96% of those departed visitors. We then send them messaging and follow up with them with branding ads, offer ads, and reputation ads over a 90 day period and get them to convert. So when they are ready to buy, you’re in front of that 96% of missed opportunities to get them to convert.





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